Designing Proactive Persuasion Chatbots in Insurance for Better CX

insurance chatbot examples

Clara’s goal is to answer standard questions on her own or to direct searchers to the right information or to the right place. Clara can answer many of the most common questions in this way, so they don’t even get as far as customer service. In the years to come, we can witness the role of human agents completely being switched from mere intermediaries to advisories.

  • This can only happen with the help of this intelligent live-support assistance which offers relevant coverage incurred and manage policy administration effectively.
  • Therefore, developers need to plan for potential growth in traffic and data processing loads when choosing technologies and environments for a future chatbot.
  • It helps users through how to apply for benefits and answer questions regarding e-legitimation.
  • Analyze customer profiles to reach out to your prospects on your website or application in real-time and improve your customer conversions with live chat agents with our human hand-off feature.
  • In an insurance context, this will allow bots to respond to queries about complex products by referring policy documents and product descriptions without being trained on those specific queries.
  • The insurance industry is one of the oldest and most traditional industries.

Chatbots are seamlessly integrated into several of our daily workflows. For instance, you could be browsing an e-commerce platform to purchase an item on your computer when a window appears on your monitor asking whether you require assistance. Alternatively, a person may use voice input to order a beverage from a nearby retail outlet and receive an alert indicating when the order would be ready and how much it would cost. These are some of the customer experience scenarios where one may encounter a chatbot. The German ERGO insurance company has deployed chatbot «Alfred» on its website.

Chatbot Technology in Insurance: Challenges Companies Face

They can guide folks down the sales funnel with product suggestions or service recommendations. Then, sales teams can come in with a personal, human touch to seal the deal. This varied, rampant communication called for an automated solution that would allow for customer requests to be resolved 24/7. Bestseller turned to Heyday to use conversational AI to handle their influx of customer requests. They built a multilingual custom solution that could respond in English or French across Bestseller’s Canada e-commerce website and the company’s Facebook Messenger channel.

What is the name of the insurance chatbot?

Sensely – health insurance chatbot

Sensely's global teams provide virtual assistant solutions to insurance companies, pharmaceutical clients, and hospital systems worldwide.

Chatbots that use analytics and natural language processing can get to know your audience pretty well. This means they’ll be able to identify personalized services to best suit each policyholder and recommend them directly, helping generate leads or upsell opportunities. Insurance customers are demanding more control and greater value, and insurers need to increase revenue and improve efficiency while keeping costs down. AI chatbots can respond to policyholders’ needs and, at the same time, deliver a wealth of significant business benefits. Lemonade, an AI-powered insurance company, has developed a chatbot that guides policyholders through the entire customer journey.

AIG Direct Life Insurance

This chatbot template allows your customers to contact you for claims and help file reports of injuries and car accidents faster and efficiently. Insurance carriers can use chatbots to handle broker relationships in addition to customer-facing chatbots. Furthermore, chatbots can respond to questions, especially if they deal with complex client requests. This also applies when you need to know how an application is progressing. Once the assessment and evaluation of the damage are finished, the chatbot can communicate the amount of reimbursement that will be transferred by the insurance company to the TPA and finally to the policyholder. For example, after releasing its chatbot, Metromile, an American vehicle insurance business,   accepted percent of chatbot insurance claims almost promptly.

  • The insurance chatbot has given also valuable information to the insurer regarding frustrating issues for customers.
  • The ability of chatbots to interact and engage in human-like ways will directly impact income.
  • Hospitals can launch assistant bot on their website to book appointment 24/7.
  • A recent survey conducted by McKinsey observed that – insurance companies who provide exceptional customer experience generate 4X times more revenue and 30% increase in profit margins.
  • It does this by directing users to the appropriate page location and letting them interact with the buttons on that page to make necessary changes.
  • Similarly, a form with fields isn’t the most convenient option for users to get access to information on various insurance plans and their benefits.

Marketing is about more than just PR stunts; often, it’s your day-to-day customer interactions that can build your brand equity. ATTITUDE shows us a chatbot assistant example that works to improve the company’s overall digital marketing presence. Maya guides users in filling out the forms necessary to obtain an insurance policy quote and upsells them as she does. This website chatbot example shows how to effectively and easily lead users down the sales funnel. So you’ve optimised your workflow, translated it into a management tool and started user testing. Now’s the time to review whether you need natural language processing that allows your customer to type freely, just like messaging a friend.

Customer service & support

It can proactively inform policyholders of the authorised reimbursement and give them account updates. However, a reliable insurance chatbot can straighten the process of KYC collection and management. It can safely record, store, and share documents needed for KYC verification for a policy. 73% of retail banking and insurance executives estimate a more than 20% rise in the number of conversations handled by chatbots. Knowing about the different ways an insurance chatbot can augment your website can help you pin down the right one. Insurance bots hold the promise of easing the complexity of insurance transactions.

insurance chatbot examples

For smaller companies not quite ready to ramp up their operations, a chatbot can save the time and cost of having to hire and train employees. With the bot tightly coupled with your internal systems, you don’t have to worry about changing how you work or looking at disparate sources of data. The chatbot can be integrated with your internal CRMs or databases along with tools such as Health Sherpa, CompuLife, Ninja Quoter, eHealth, and more.

Benefits of insurance chatbots

This can only happen with the help of this intelligent live-support assistance which offers relevant coverage incurred and manage policy administration effectively. Thus, the pace of AI technologies is only anticipated to accelerate with time and insurance bots will emerge in light and flourish far beyond into the digital future. Regardless of how complex your insurance chatbot is, customers still value human connection.

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As the digital industries grew, so did the need to incorporate chatbots in every sector. Then this insurance chatbot template can help you in changing the number. Then try this free insurance chatbot that exhibits the abilities to transform the visitor into a most qualified lead for your business. Insurance is a tough market, but chatbots are increasingly appearing in various industries that can manage various interactions.


Every customer that wants quick answers to insurance-related questions can get them on chatbots. You can also program your chatbots to provide simplified answers to complex insurance questions. Thus, customer expectations are apparently in favor of chatbots for insurance customers. The program offers customized training for your business so that you can ensure that your employees are equipped with the skills they need to provide excellent customer service through chatbots.

How can chatbot be used in insurance?

  1. Policy management.
  2. Advertising and promotion.
  3. Claims processing and settlement.
  4. Payment collection.
  5. Feedback and loyalty.
  6. Provide advice and information.
  7. Cross-selling and upselling.
  8. Fraud detection.


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