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Our account managers are also responsible for resource retention, management and billing. Every resource hired from us comes with full-time availability. Choose top talent and start 2-weeks of Risk-free Trial with Ready To Join talent.


The Toptal team takes care of everything, including finding the ideal candidate your Java development needs, so you don’t have to spend hours sorting through hundreds of profiles. After a brief trial, you can decide to move forward with the assigned freelancer or start the process over at no cost to you. Did you know that there are over 200 programming languages? Each one serves a different purpose or niche, and each programmer has their preference. Although Java is one of the most popular languages out there, landing the right freelance Java developer for your project can be difficult.

Hire a Freelance Java Developer

He’s been through transitions from waterfall to agile and from monoliths to microservices. He has over 6 years of experience in building and leading teams. Well, Java is an object-oriented, platform-independent, high-level, class-based, programming language, designed to acquire minimum dependencies and higher reliability. It is the server-side or backend language used to build web apps, desktop apps, android apps, games, artificial intelligence, fintech, work with big data, etc. Find & Hire Java Developers who are professionals offering their expertise in various Freelance Java Services to businesses around the world. Truelancer is home to a large pool of talented and experienced Java freelancers who can help businesses with professional Java services.

  • So Java introduced the concept of “boxing” which boxes up primitives into object class equivalents, e.g., Integer for int, Float for float, and Boolean for boolean.
  • To hire a Java developer, you can post job listings on freelancing platforms like Truelancer, Upwork and Freelancer.
  • Hire expert resources in Java for any use case you have in mind.
  • Using a hiring platform that allows you to interview with a software developer, have a trial run, or send them a practice project before a long-term commitment will be your best bet.

Implement robust security & encryption measures to protect Java-based systems from cyber threats with the help of security experts. Develop advanced data analysis & visualization tools using Java and related technologies such as Spark and Hadoop. Junior Java developer possesses all theoretical skills and knows Java on the basic level.

Here are some of the most common questions companies ask when hiring a freelance Java developer. It can be a little challenging to start with Gigster at first. You’re required to submit your information and speak with a team member to analyze the best route. If you accept their quote, they start working quickly to analyze your needs, recruit global talent, and create a dynamic team that will help you produce a stunning final project.

Where to Find a Remote Part Time Java Developer

Another good fit is hire freelance java developer development within the fintech industry. Also, Java’s security protocols do safeguard sensitive data rather well, which is vital for fintech. Even when you have an existing team of developers, sometimes a situation can arise where you might require highly experienced programmers for your ongoing projects. In those cases, hiring freelance Java developers to give your team additional support becomes easier.

If you collaborate with a team augmentation partner like Grid Dynamics, you’ll have a distributed or collocated development team. It will depend on whether you have a development team in-house or your whole development team is remote. Grid Dynamics Java programmers will develop the back-end part of your software, ensuring it operates on all platforms with a corresponding JVM. With Grid Dynamics Java programmers you can develop a multi-threaded program and improve the responsiveness between internal and external platforms. As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate besides hiring a freelance Java developer for your project.


Be a short-term or a long-term project, don’t compromise on the quality of talent you work with. Flexiple handpicks only the Top 1% through a 6-stage screening process. Find out more about how Arc successfully helped our partners in hiring remote Java developers. I’m an experienced backend engineer that has contributed or started multiple open-source libraries in Elixir and Ruby. I’ve worn many hats but these days I tend to work with startups and coach other developers. And thus, in the compiled code, a and b are both simply untyped ArrayList objects, and the fact that one was an ArrayList and the other was an ArrayList is lost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hiring a Freelance Java Developer

Additionally, communication skills, teamwork, and adaptability are also important qualities to consider. We are looking for a Senior Java Developer to join our team remotely . In this role, you will work on existing OneACD Call control applications, utilizing your extensive knowledge of Java programming. The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 3 years of work experience in a similar role. Visiting the office on-site 3 times per week is required.

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The development process will give the end-to-end customize spring Java development solutions to your business enterprises. Hibernate developers will deliver robust, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for the growth of the business and the startups. Our struts developers and programmers will offer the scalable Java-based web solutions to the user for increasing their business. Fiverrconnects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 300+ categories. Our business model expects hiring developers on a full-time basis and charging monthly rates accordingly, which include their salary, all indirect costs, and our fee.

All of our hard-to-find talents are rigorously screened and vetted by us. Signup for free to get access to all filter attributes and instant notifications when new jobs are posted. With Grid Dynamics, you focus on getting your business goals done as soon as possible. Toptal states that most Java developers receive an annual salary $72,800. Startupers doesn’t need to be your primary tool, and you can also use it to gain some extra exposure before finding another site to use.

Senior software engineer with 10+ years of experience in the software engineering field. A good team player with a broad work background in globally distributed teams. I have strong knowledge of team management and development.

This gives access to a wider talent pool and offers budget reductions. Various organizations, from startups to large enterprises, hire freelance programmers for their development projects. Additionally, individuals looking to develop custom software solutions or build mobile applications also hire freelance programmers.

https://trading-market.org/ developers who are ready to join full-time and choose the best candidates. There are no limits to the number of candidates you can interview. Our focus is on finding the right fit for your projects. Get experienced team leaders to drive your project forward with development, testing and deployment.

Java has built-in support with the Observable class and Observer interface. Therefore, the Integer object returned by one call to Integer.valueOf will match the Integer object returned by another call to Integer.valueOf, since it is cached. But outside the range -128 to 127, Integer.valueOf() calls, even for the same value, will not necessarily return the same Integer object . In the above line of code, we are comparing the identity of two Integer objects. Since each new Integer creates a new object, one new Integer will not equal another new Integer. Sometimes developers want to terminate a thread when an external condition becomes true.

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Java 8, however, introduces a form of quasi-support for multiple inheritance by allowing default methods to be specified on interfaces . We make sure that each engagement between you and your Java developer begins with a trial period of up to two weeks. This means that you have time to confirm the engagement will be successful.

A good Java developer should possess strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and a passion for learning. They should also have experience with Java frameworks and tools, excellent coding skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with other team members. Good communication skills and the ability to meet deadlines are also important qualities. You can find Java freelancers on online job platforms such as Truelancer, Upwork and Fiverr. Additionally, social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter can be used to connect with Java developers who offer freelance services.

The average developer’s salary is the best indicator of the demand for their services in the market. A great community of supporters with different areas of expertise. For more than twenty years this language develops and adjusts to the needs of information technologies.

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Going with an all-inclusive website like Toptal, Scalable Path, or Gigster can take a load off your back as they do the vetting and matching for you. During the process, Gigster’s easy-to-read dashboard helps you stay up-to-date with the status of your application. If you want a little extra help tracking down the ideal expert for your Java programming needs, you can choose from one of their paid plans that offer a dedicated account manager.


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