8 companies offering work-from-home jobs that don’t require a degree

While you need no remote work without degree for remote jobs in this field, you will need coding and web administration skills. You can sharpen these skills by taking an online course or enrolling in an online coding bootcamp. Transcription is one of the most common remote jobs without degree as you only listen to audio files and write down what you hear.

  • As you gain more experience, you can start to specialize in a particular area.
  • Hiring managers don’t weed out potential job candidates because they don’t have undergraduate degrees.
  • Online fitness instructors post videos and instructional articles that show how to perform various exercises and activities to improve a client’s fitness.
  • There are also a few online job boards that allow you to input your skills, experience, education, and work history to match you with positions you qualify for, including no-degree remote jobs.
  • I’ve also heard that the preliminary test you have to take to do these roles is quite difficult.

Sometimes, you’ll need to provide other administrative services in addition to data entry. From there, we researched the degree paths one might take to land the various types of telecommuting jobs that we see in today’s market. In addition to assisting customers, customer support managers also oversee customer support teams.

How To Build Your Financial Support System

Those who succeed in this role typically have great customer service skills and are detail-oriented. Employers generally require a high school diploma or GED, and some may prefer prior work experience. Prove that you have a handle on HTML, Python, Ruby, CSS and JavaScript and that you can use these languages to create attractive and functional web products.


She holds a BA in English language and literature from the University of Maryland and an MFA in creative writing from American University. If there’s a job you’re interested in but don’t have the skills for, you can always learn those skills. They might also be responsible for verifying information and checking for errors. For example, a financial accounts processing company may need data entry clerks to manually input or verify invoices or other bills for outside clients. Using 1+ years of experience in a front line customer service role, the onboarding concierge will provide support and direction during the onboarding process for new hires.

Project & Program Management

Despite an anticipated job decrease over the next decade, computer programming jobs still command notable salaries. The average computer programming job in the United States pays $68,855. Junior data analysts do not make as much as senior analysts due to experience differences, but they still command a healthy average salary of $56,383. Figure out your transferable skills and highlight them in your job search. Transferable skills are abilities that you’ve used in one situation that can be used in a job that doesn’t seem directly related.


Privacy officers ensure companies follow best privacy practices and procedures. Tasks can include performing audits to ensure privacy compliance, conducting risk assessments and reduction strategies, and handling breaches and privacy issues. Financial analysts use their expertise to inform a company’s financial decision-making process by conducting deep analysis of the variables that impact business operations. The exact responsibilities will depend on the specific remote job and the context of its industry. These professionals work in corporate offices, in financial analyst firms, or as private practicing analysts.

$43.5K-55K-Auto Claims Adjuster Trainee-Paid Training

If you’re looking for a work-from-home job that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a computer all day, working with dogs is a great option. Requiring no formal college education or much experience, you can offer to walk dogs in your local neighborhood or provide house-sitting services for clients who go on vacation without their pets. Content writers or copywriters create engaging content for business owners, marketers, agencies, and publishers. Even though a college degree is not necessary to land an excellent job as a writer, the route to landing a well-paid position is smooth for those with a journalism or English background.

You can choose from a wide range of remote jobs depending on your qualifications, skills, and previous experience. While you might not be in a position to do so now, you might want to consider the benefits of earning your online degree later in your career. And just remember that, degree or no degree, remote jobs may be an option for you. Before deciding whether to pursue more education, take our free career quiz to help you decide which path is right for you. You can be remote as long as there isn’t any hardware to install or onsite maintenance to perform, and any tech wiz can succeed in this online job with no degree.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Get a Remote Job?

Bureau of Labor Statistics, about one-quarter (25%) of IT workers in the United States do not hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Certifications, soft skills and experience will impress hiring managers. Are there any good paying work from home jobs you’d like to try on this list?

What is the easiest job to do remotely?

The easiest remote jobs are virtual assistants, data entry specialists, and transcriptionists, all of which require nothing more than basic literacy, numeracy, and computer skills. If you know how to use Microsoft Office products like Excel, Word, and Outlook, or you can navigate Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar, you can do any of these jobs.


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